Friday, September 10

Rain Barrel

We've had at least another three inches of rain here. I'll miss when I'm gone, but for now it's a nuisance.

Thursday, September 9


It's harvest time at the local craft centre.

Tuesday, September 7

Fungus Among Us

Spotted this massive mushroom while over working with LP.

Monday, September 6


Nothing bleaker than Third Avenue on a dull holiday Monday.

Sunday, September 5

Star Parking

Snapped outside the LBS this aft.



Saturday, September 4


A view of the front deck.

The completed back porch.

Upper balcony.

Girls' Room with quilts.

New closet in master bedroom.

Cabin II

Hutch with new stand in kitchen.

Main Room

View of new decks.


Additional shot of new closet.

Friday, September 3